The Best Reverb VST Plugins (Free & Paid) 2022

Finding the best reverb can sometimes be hard. We’ve compiled for you the best available reverb VST plugins, in both free and paid variants.

SSL Native FlexVerb Reverb by Solid State Logic (Paid)

FlexVerb is a brand new fully-featured and extremely versatile SSL reverb plug-in designed to deliver a professional mix-ready sound in a quick and intuitive way. FlexVerb’s versatile split early-late reflection interface allows you to add the natural body and tone of different early room reflections, complimented by the richness of a variety of expansive reverb tail options.

FlexVerb features a 6-band EQ, High and Low Pass Filters, 3-band reverb time multipliers and input sidechain compressor to help you craft reverb that sits perfectly in your mix. FlexVerb’s algorithmic architecture gives you the depth, character and detail of a professional reverb in a simple rewarding interface.


  • Flexible reverb plug-in with intuitive controls
  • 4 algorithmic reverb types: room, hall, plate, and chamber
  • Independently selectable early and late reflection types
  • 6-band SSL EQ for shaping the reverb’s frequency response
  • Output compressor helps the reverb sit in the mix
  • Lockable wet/dry mix control for matched preset comparisons
  • Infinite reverb switch and reverb tail kill switch for dramatic effects

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R4 Reverb by iZotope (Paid)

R4 delivers the historic warmth of time-tested reverb hardware units with expanded creative control. Add personality and depth to your music with reverb designed to color your mixes without compromising clarity. For less traditional projects, use creative effects like Warp and Freeze to mangle your reflections beyond recognition and create twisted time effects to take your audience by surprise.


  • Lush stereo reverb algorithm
  • Warp controls with compression and overdrive
  • Create ambient drones and texture with Freeze
  • Pre-delay and reverb delay adjustable by tempo
  • Chorus and Gate modules for musical effects
  • 5 additional early reflection patterns and an additional hall algorithm
  • Dynamic tail suppression to lower reverb in louder parts of a mix
  • Over 1,200 presets (rooms, plates, halls, chambers, and more)
  • EuControl support

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Spring Reverb by Softube (Paid)

Spring Reverb is an authentic spring reverb recreation that will add vintage character and grit to any audio track. It also includes novel features such as a fully automatable Shake control that will shake the virtual springs around for those thunderous spring effects. Get some recognizable character in your mix with the Spring Reverb!


  • Personality and character for your mix
  • Tension control to shape the spring character and reverb length
  • Number of spring pairs continuously adjustable from 1 to 3
  • Tube driver simulation with Bass and Treble in the reverb section
  • Shake control that shakes the springs around
  • Can be used both as a send and an insert effect
  • Very CPU friendly

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Crystalline Reverb by Baby Audio (Paid)

Crystalline follows the tradition of the classic algorithmic reverbs but adds new features and higher fidelity thanks to modern computer power. It is meant to sound unreal – in the most positive sense of the word. Its rooms and halls won’t sound anything like those in your house – but closer to those of your dreams!

Make space for Lushness

  • Crystalline is a new, state-of-the-art, reverb plugin with a pristine and modern sound
  • It gives you unprecedented creative control to shape your reflections
  • You can sync reverb start and decay times to your song’s tempo
  • An evolution of classic 20th-century studio reverbs – fully upgraded for today


  • BPM-Synced Start And End Times
  • Reflections Section
  • Depth Section
  • Clean-Up Section
  • Shape Section
  • Output Section
  • Top Panel
  • Resizability

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NIMBUS Reverb by iZotope (Paid)

NIMBUS elevates the signature Exponential Audio reverb engine with surgical controls and timbral effects. Authentic, classic tone meets advanced filter mechanics, compression, overdrive, tempo-syncing, and warp effects, so you’re sure to have the perfect reverb for your music.


  • Natural stereo reverb algorithm
  • Warp controls with compression and overdrive
  • Pre-delay and reverb delay adjustable by tempo
  • 5 additional early reflection patterns and additional plate reverb algorithm
  • Dynamic tail suppression to lower reverb in louder parts of a mix
  • Over 1,200 presets (rooms, plates, halls, chambers, and more)
  • EuControl support

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Verberate Basic 2 Reverb by Acon Digital (Free)

The free Verbarate Basic is based on Verberate 2 and offers the same highly praised audio quality. The plug-in offers four high quality presets from Verberate 2 that showcase the quality and versatility of the algorithm:

  • Plate, a realistic simulation of plate reverb with the typical frequency dispersion and decay properties that give plate reverb the airy touch
  • Room, a beautiful and warm wooden room that gives a great sense of room without being obtrusive
  • Hall, a natural and gorgeous-sounding hall
  • Lush Hall, a colourful out-of-world hall with frequency-modulated tails that sounds amazing on synth pads


  • Based on the Vivid Hall that is time-variant and resonance-free
  • Independent early reflections and reverberation tail processors
  • True stereo processing
  • Realistic early reflections that blend into the mix without unpleasant comb filter effects
  • Dense late reverberation tails
  • Able to model frequency dispersion in mechanical plate reverbs
  • Optional swirl effect models the frequency modulated cloud-like reverb tails of vintage digital reverb units
  • Uncluttered user interface

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TAL-Reverb-2 Reverb by TAL (Free)

TAL Reverb-II is the most popular TAL-Reverb. After some user feedbacks had to release TAL-Reverb-II again. It combines the retro sound of TAL-Reverb-I with additional features. Version 1.61 has some small improvements in the internal modulation algorithm. 

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