The Best Bit Crusher VST Plugins (Free & Paid) 2022

Are you wondering which are the best bit crusher plugins available? Check out the list below. We help you find the best ones in free and paid format.

Decimort 2 Bit Crusher by D16 Group (Paid)

Decimort isn’t just another bitcrusher with only bit resolution and sampling frequency to tweak; in fact, it provides far more advanced features than you likely could have ever expected from an effect of this kind, all implemented in stunning quality.


  • Ultra accurate resampling algorithm (ADC emulation, no harmonics above 22kHz)
  • Approximative (pre) filter and Image (post) filter, both conjugated with resampler
  • Adjustable jitter
  • Quantization with controlled dithering
  • Two quantization methods (mid-raiser, mid-tread)
  • Analogue-like filters with adjustable resonance and cutoff
  • Tag-based preset browser
  • Two alternative GUI sizes
  • MIDI-learn functionality throughout
  • 64bit internal processing
  • No unwanted harmonic distortions at the output

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SampleX V3 Bit Crusher by BeatSkillz (Paid)

SampleX Version 3 brings you new features like – New LP/ HP Ladder resonant Filters, Stereo Width (Imaging) Control (Mono / M/S expander) & Beatskillz Dynamic Convolution System where we have sampled the real vintage samplers to get their exact sound at various levels.


  • 6 Iconic Vintage Samplers
  • New Multi Convolution System
  • New HP / LP Resonant Ladder Filters
  • Width Control Stereo Expansion to Mono
  • New Presets and GUI
  • IR Machine on/off feature
  • Popup value display for the 1/0 section and the Filter Section

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Bite Harder Bit Crusher by denise (Paid)

The Bite Harder offers the classic bit crushing features but adds unique controls to refine or destroy your sound even more. With the Silky dial, you can smooth out the effect of the individual bit and sample controls. Alongside this, denise added the push-pull graph, a layer of FX and a drive control.


  • Push-Pull Graph – Complete control over the frequencies that are going to be crushed, giving you endless possibilities and new sounds
  • Drive – Sometimes less is more, but definitely not with this one. An extra layer of mayhem to make your loops, and sounds, break and scream even more!
  • Solo – Solo frequency ranges to audition individual bands.
  • Presets – Custom from Florian Meindl are included on top of presets from denise.
  • Transparent Clipper – Use it heavily to add extra dirt and saturation.
  • Side-Chain Control – Destroy the sound using an external input source.
  • Silky Control – Smooth out the bit-crushing sound for more delicate, high-end, rounder and warmer sounds.
  • Continuous Reduce & Re-Sample Control – Individually set the bit & sample rate.
  • Looper & Stutter – Create extra arrangements, textures and glitches with a host syncing toggle.
  • Glitch – An extra ring modulator for all your glitching needs. Perfect to create IDM, transitions and effects.

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Degrader Bit Crusher by Klevgrand (Paid)

Degrader is a combined resampler and bit crusher plugin. It can be used to simulate the sound of vintage digital gear, as a lofi-effect or distortion unit.

Since all parameters are fully automatable it’s a handy plugin for creating unique and interesting drops, sweeps and other transitions.


  • Resamples between 250 Hz and 96 kHz
  • Low pass filter with different characteristics both pre and post resampling
  • Bit depth can continuously be altered between 3 and 24 bits
  • Additional distortion algorithm
  • Parameter linking (control several parameters with one knob)
  • Input and output gain control
  • Dry / Wet mix
  • Several factory presets simulating different vintage gear

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Bitcrush Snapin Bit Crusher by Kilohearts (Paid)

When nostaliga hits, Bitcrush can bring you back to the digital hardware of times past. It simulates the audio being played back using a low quality sampler with limited sample rate and bit depth. Mm, crunchy.

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PCM2612 Retro Decimator Unit Bit Crusher by Inphonik (Free)

The PCM2612 Retro Decimator Unit is a bit crusher effect based on the same technology developed for Inphonik’s RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer (their rendition of the Sega Genesis sound chip). The 8-bit decimation is inherited from the FM synth’s PCM playback feature, packed in a simple and compact effect unit. It gives a distinctive 8-bit quantized and aliased effect to any sound you plug into it. On one hand, it adds distortion due to the 8-bit quantization, and on the other hand, it adds aliasing due to the resampling. Also, the PCM2612 can emulate the line-out circuitry of the Sega Genesis Model 1, released in 1988.


  • 32-steps scalable 8-bit decimation
  • Dry / Wet level knob
  • Stereo / Mono switch
  • Switchable output filtering between Legacy (modelled after the Sega Genesis Model 1 amp output circuitry) and Crystal Clear (purely digital)
  • Graphical interface scaling options (1x, 1.5x, 2x)
  • Switchable graphical form factor (vertical box or horizontal rack)
  • Inphonik’s first native Linux and Apple Silicon plugin

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Krush Bit Crusher by Tritik (Free)

With its bit crushing and downsampling algorithms, Krush combines the crispy taste of the digital realm with the warmth of its drive stage and analog modeled resonant filters. A modulation section allows you to quickly add extra life to the sound by modulating any parameter.


Main Controls:

  • Crunchy drive stage
  • Bit depth reduction
  • Sample rate reduction
  • Analog modeled resonant filters (low-pass and high-pass)

Modulation Section:

  • Free or tempo-synced modulation speed
  • 4 modulation waveforms
  • Modulation depth for every parameter


  • Fully resizable interface !
  • Clean and intuitive
  • Tooltips and preferences in english, french, portuguese or spanish


  • File based preset system
  • Access through menu or browser
  • Presets ‘freezer’ for safe recall
  • Copy/paste current state using the system clipboard

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