Bogren Digital Krimh Drums$99.00
Future Audio Workshop SubLab Pack Bundle$20.00
Polyverse Gatekeeper$39.00
MOK Miniraze$79.00
Bogren Digital BassKnob STD$39.00
Mastering The Mix RESO$43.00
Mastering The Mix MIXROOM$43.00
Mastering The Mix REFERENCE 2$43.00
Mastering The Mix BASSROOM$43.00
Mellowmuse Mellowmuse Complete Bundle$259.00
Plugin Boutique Scaler 2+ Advanced Bundle$59.00
Karanyi Sounds Lofi Keys Pro$59.00
Devious Machines Infiltrator 2$86.00
Devious Machines Pitch Monster$74.00
Devious Machines Texture$74.00
Mellowmuse ATA Auto Time Adjuster$29.00
Mellowmuse CP1A Compressor$29.00
Mellowmuse IR1A Convolver$29.00
Kilohearts Kilohearts Ultimate$299.00
MOK Filtryg$29.00
Rob Papen eXplorer 8$374.00
Devious Machines Duck$19.00
Mellowmuse CP2V Compressor$36.00
Mellowmuse CP3V Compressor$36.00
Mellowmuse CS1V Console Channel$36.00
Mellowmuse EQ2V Equalizer$36.00
Mellowmuse EQ3V Equalizer$36.00
Mellowmuse LM1V Limiter$36.00
Mellowmuse SATV Saturator$36.00
Rob Papen BLUE-III$109.00
Rob Papen RevSane$36.00
Plugin Boutique Scaler 2+ Bundle$49.00
Karanyi Sounds Lofi Keys$49.00
sonible true:balance$49.00
sonible true:level$49.00
ujam Symphonic Elements BRAAASS$119.00
Antares Auto-Tune Vocal EQ & 1 Year of Auto-Tune Unlimited FREE$125.00
Antares Slice + 1 Year of Auto-Tune Unlimited FREE$125.00
Antares Vocodist + 1 Year of Auto-Tune Unlimited FREE$125.00
Digital Brain Instruments Batch Pro 2$48.00
Digital Brain Instruments Multiplex Vocoder 3$48.00
Baby Audio Baby Audio Complete Bundle$139.00
Wavelet Audio GROTH$179.00
sonible sonible Metering Bundle$69.00
Dear Reality EXOVERB$69.00
Robotic Bean Portatron$89.00
zplane ElastiquePitch V2$104.00
zplane PEEL$27.00
zplane reTune$104.00
zplane TONIC$27.00
XILS Lab Chor'X$44.00
Robotic Bean Robotic Bean Bundle (Exclusive)$99.00
zplane deCoda$34.00
zplane élastiqueAAX$206.00
zplane FENNEK$82.00
zplane ppmBatch$206.00
zplane PPMulator XL$82.00
zplane vielklang Instant Harmony 2$82.00
Plugin Boutique Scaler 2$39.00
Aberrant DSP Digitalis$20.00
Aberrant DSP SketchCassette II$20.00
EVAbeat Melody Sauce 2$39.00
Celemony Melodyne 5 Editor Upgrade from Any Melodyne Assistant$99.00
Photosounder SplineEQ$19.00
Polyverse Polyverse Everything Bundle$229.00
Sampleson Fire$19.00
Sampleson Glassy$19.00
Murst Instruments Coda$19.00
Murst Instruments Legato Cello$19.00
Pulsar Audio Pulsar Mu + MASSIVE Bundle$141.90
Cherry Audio CA2600 Synthesizer$25.00
Cherry Audio Cherry Audio Year Three Collection$129.00
Audiomodern Atom 2$70.00
Audiomodern Opacity$64.00
Audiomodern Opacity II$64.00
Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 4 Crossgrade from RePitch$383.90
Murst Instruments Murst Instruments: Instrument Bundle$89.00
Audiomodern Biologic$14.00
Audiomodern CHROMA$14.00
Audiomodern CHROMA Vol. 2$14.00
Audiomodern ModulARPS$14.00
Audiomodern ModulARPS 2$14.00
Audiomodern Morph$14.00
Audiomodern Shift$14.00
Audiomodern Shift 2$14.00
Audiomodern Shift 3$14.00
Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR VOS SlickEQ GE$19.00
Surreal Machines Dub Machines Bundle$50.00
Future Audio Workshop SubLab XL$50.00
Output Adrenaline Expansion Pack (for SIGNAL)$22.00
Output Airlift Expansion Pack (For Analog Brass & Winds)$22.00
Output Ambient Vocals Expansion Pack (for EXHALE)$22.00
Output Barely Vocals Expansion Pack (for EXHALE)$22.00
Output Base Bass Expansion Pack (for SUBSTANCE)$22.00
Output Beautiful Pads (for REV)$22.00
Output Beyond 4/4 Expansion (for MOVEMENT)$22.00
Output Booty Bass Expansion Pack (for SUBSTANCE)$22.00
Output Brass Knuckles Expansion Pack (For Analog Brass & Winds)$22.00
Output Chaos Expansion Pack (For Portal)$22.00
Output Cinematic Expansion Pack (for SIGNAL)$22.00
Output Classic Analog Expansion Pack (For SIGNAL)$22.00
Aberrant DSP Digitalis + Shapeshifter Bundle$25.00
Aberrant DSP Digitalis + SketchCassette II Bundle$30.00
Aberrant DSP SketchCassette II & Shapeshifter Bundle$25.00
Murst Instruments Glass$49.00
MOK MOK Bundle$187.00
McDSP 4020 Retro EQ Native v7$79.00
McDSP 4030 Retro Compressor Native v7$79.00
McDSP 4040 Retro Limiter Native v7$79.00
McDSP DE555 Advanced De-esser Native v7$79.00
McDSP NF575 Noise Filter Native v7$79.00
Caelum Audio Beef$26.00
Wavelet Audio Cabal 8 Elements: Cinematic$24.00
Wavelet Audio Cabal 8 Elements: Crunch$24.00
Wavelet Audio Cabal 8 Elements: Hi-Gain$24.00
McDSP Classic Pack HD v7$349.00
Caelum Audio Flux Pro$37.50
Capsule Audio 80's Analog Hits$12.00
Capsule Audio Aeolus$12.00
Capsule Audio Arco Classico$12.00
Capsule Audio Arco Nuovo$12.00
Capsule Audio Arco Solista$12.00
Capsule Audio Black Ivory$12.00
Capsule Audio Ether$12.00
Capsule Audio Exodus$12.00
Capsule Audio Felt Piano$12.00
Capsule Audio Grapevine$12.00
Capsule Audio Grit$12.00
Capsule Audio Guitaret$12.00
Wavelet Audio Ashen Scoring Cello$84.00
Wavelet Audio Cabal 8: Full$96.00
Pulsar Audio MASSIVE$97.90
Excite Audio KSHMR Chain$29.00
Tone Empire Neural Q$29.00
BeatSkillz Ramp$29.00
BeatSkillz Retro Bundle$59.00
Cherry Audio Eight Voice$29.00
Cherry Audio Polymode$29.00
Cherry Audio PS-20$29.00
Karanyi Sounds Poly Space$29.00
dSONIQ Realphones Lite Pack$41.00
dSONIQ Realphones Professional Pack$59.00
dSONIQ Realphones Ultimate Pack$107.00
Leapwing Audio Al Schmitt$95.00
Leapwing Audio CenterOne$119.00
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Leapwing Audio UltraVox$47.00
Robotic Bean Hand Clap Studio$29.00
Baby Audio Comeback Kid$29.00
Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor$29.00
Baby Audio Super VHS$29.00
Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 4$394.90
Polyverse Comet$89.00
Polyverse Infected Mushroom Plugin Bundle$149.00
Polyverse Manipulator$89.00
Audio Damage Axon 2$35.00
Audio Damage Continua$47.00
Audio Damage Enso$47.00
Audio Damage Eos 2$35.00
Aberrant DSP ShapeShifter$12.00
Aberrant DSP Digitalis + SketchCassette II + ShapeShifter Bundle$36.00
Sampleson Reed106$29.00
Sampleson Stage54$29.00
Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Everything Bundle$120.00
Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Limiter 6 GE$30.00
Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Molot GE$30.00
Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Nova GE$36.00
Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR SlickEQ M$30.00
Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Kotelnikov GE$30.00
Murst Instruments Stone$29.00
ROLI Cypher2 & ROLI Studio Expansion: Cinematic Impact$9.90
ROLI Cypher2 & ROLI Studio Expansion: Dimension Art$16.50
ROLI Cypher2 & ROLI Studio Expansion: Earth Voyager$9.90
ROLI Cypher2 & ROLI Studio Expansion: EDM Attack$9.90
ROLI Cypher2 & ROLI Studio Expansion: Shadow Corrosion$13.20
ROLI Cypher2 & ROLI Studio Expansion: Tangerine Sequences$9.90
ROLI Cypher2 & ROLI Studio Expansion: Textured Waves$16.50
ROLI Cypher2 & ROLI Studio Expansion: Vivid Sequences$16.50
ROLI Equator & ROLI Studio Expansion: Maestro$13.20
ROLI Equator & ROLI Studio Expansion: Nostalgia$13.20
ROLI Equator & ROLI Studio Expansion: Pop Party$13.20
ROLI Equator & ROLI Studio Expansion: Urban Expression$13.20
PROCESS.AUDIO Spicerack$89.00
MeterPlugs Dynameter$59.00
MeterPlugs K-Meter$29.00
MeterPlugs LCAST Stereo$119.00
MeterPlugs LCAST Surround$239.00
MeterPlugs Loudness Penalty$29.00
MeterPlugs Perception AB$89.00
Audio Damage PhaseThree$23.00
Tokyo Dawn Labs OD DeEdger$59.00
Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR + OD Everything Bundle$159.00
ujam Symphonic Elements BRAAASS Crossgrade from STRIIIINGS or DRUMS$99.00
Cherry Audio Synth Stack 2 (Upgrade From Synth Stack 1)$199.00
Future Audio Workshop SubLab$40.00
Iceberg Audio The Sub All Expansions Bundle$40.00
Excite Audio Lifeline Console$39.00
Excite Audio Lifeline Expanse$39.00
Baby Audio Smooth Operator$39.00
Baby Audio Spaced Out$39.00
Baby Audio TAIP$39.00
Baby Audio IHNY-2$39.00
Celemony Melodyne 5 Editor Upgrade from Melodyne Essential$169.00
McDSP 4020 Retro EQ HD v7$99.00
McDSP 4030 Retro Compressor HD v7$99.00
McDSP 4040 Retro Limiter HD v7$99.00
McDSP DE555 Advanced De-esser HD v7$99.00
McDSP NF575 Noise Filter HD v7$99.00
McDSP SA-2 Dialog Processor HD v7$99.00
Bogren Digital AmpKnob & BassKnob Bundle$55.00
Surreal Machines Diffuse$25.00
Celemony Melodyne 5 Studio Upgrade from Melodyne Assistant$249.00
Antares Auto-Tune EFX+ & 1 Year of Auto-Tune Unlimited FREE$125.00
Celemony Melodyne 5 Studio Upgrade from Melodyne Essential$319.00
Excite Audio Lifeline Console Lite$25.00
Excite Audio Lifeline Expanse Lite$25.00
Plugin Boutique StereoSavage 2 Elements$15.00
The Amazonic AMA I Complete Edition$129.00
Bogren Digital AmpKnob RevC$25.00
Bogren Digital Jens Bogren Signature Drum Samples$45.00
Mastering The Mix ANIMATE$29.00
Mastering The Mix EXPOSE 2$29.00
Mastering The Mix LEVELS$29.00
Caelum Audio Tape Pro$28.00
Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 4 Licence for VocALign Project 5 Owners$286.00
Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 4 Licence for VocALign Ultra Owners$214.50
Initial Audio Heat Up 3$99.00
Initial Audio Sektor$69.00
Initial Audio 808 Studio 2$49.00
W. A. Production Big Plucks for ImPerfect$9.90
W. A. Production Tropical for InstaComposer$9.90
W. A. Production Uplifting Trance for Babylon$9.90
W. A. Production Slap House for InstaChord$9.90
W. A. Production Slap House 2 for Babylon$9.90
W. A. Production Slap House for ImPerfect$9.90
W. A. Production Future Bounce for InstaChord$9.90
W. A. Production Melodic Dubstep for InstaChord$9.90
W. A. Production Trance Melodies for InstaComposer$9.90
W. A. Production Deep House for InstaChord$9.90
W. A. Production Melodic Arps for InstaComposer$9.90
W. A. Production Progressive House for ImPerfect$9.90
Stagecraft Compressor$25.00
Stagecraft Theremin$15.00
Digital Brain Instruments Spacelab$49.00
Digital Brain Instruments Transformer$59.00
Digital Brain Instruments Voxpat 2$99.00
Excite Audio Lifeline Bundle$69.00
Producertech Ableton Beginners Complete Music Production Collection$92.47
Producertech Ableton Live DJ's Guide$12.50
Producertech Advanced Bass Music Production Techniques$18.00
Producertech Advanced Bass Music Production Techniques 2$18.00
Producertech Advanced Guide to Music Theory for Producers$12.50
Producertech Advanced Guide to Synthesis$18.00
Producertech Alt Pop Production Techniques$14.50
Producertech Analog Bass Patch Sound Design$9.50
Producertech Arranging Techniques with Push by Paul Maddox$9.50
Producertech Avenger Preset Pack: Classic Drum & Bass$9.50
Producertech Bass House Production in Live by Joel Dawes (Spoils)$12.50
Producertech Bass Mixing Techniques$9.50
BeatSkillz Zodiac$39.00
BeatSkillz Flashback$39.00
Plugin Boutique StereoSavage 2$29.00
Audiority Omnisphere Cinematic Bundle (Presets)$40.00
Audiority Omnisphere Dancesphere$15.00
Audiority Omnisphere Darkscapes$15.00
Audiority Omnisphere Modern EDM$15.00
Audiority Omnisphere Omniscapes$15.00
Audiority Omnisphere Presets Collection Vol.1$10.00
Audiority Omnisphere Total Bundle (Presets)$99.00
Audiority Omnisphere: Cinematic$15.00
Cherry Audio Quadra$29.00
Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums$99.00
Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Core Upgrade from Ignite$49.00
Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Ignite$50.00
MeldaProduction DreamMachines$29.50
MeldaProduction MAutoAlign$27.00
MeldaProduction MAutoEqualizer$82.50
MeldaProduction MAutopanMB$21.50
MeldaProduction MAutoStereoFix$82.50
MeldaProduction MAutoVolume$27.00
MeldaProduction MBassador$43.50
MeldaProduction MBitFunMB$27.00
MeldaProduction MCabinet$54.50
MeldaProduction MCharacter$54.50
e-instruments Session Keys Electric R$39.00
e-instruments Session Keys Electric S$39.00
e-instruments Session Keys Electric W$39.00
e-instruments Session Keys Grand S$49.00
e-instruments Session Keys Grand Y$49.00
e-instruments Session Keys Upright$49.00
LP24 Audio LP24 - Afterglow$14.50
LP24 Audio Neuro Plasticity for SERUM$9.50
LP24 Audio Serum - Ambient Chillout$11.00
LP24 Audio Serum - Essential Pluck Collection$11.00
LP24 Audio Serum - House Foundations$11.00
LP24 Audio Serum - Tropical House Essentials$11.00
LP24 Audio Soulessence Complete$22.50
LP24 Audio Spaces$19.50
LP24 Audio Deep Techno for Pigments$12.50
LP24 Audio Massive X - Indie Dance$9.50
LP24 Audio Serum - Arcade$14.50
LP24 Audio Serum - Bass House Essentials$12.50
Iamlamprey Atlas$5.00
Iamlamprey Blackout$5.00
Iamlamprey Blackout 2$5.00
Iamlamprey Bloom$5.00
Iamlamprey Cloudburst$5.00
Iamlamprey Cloudburst Acoustic$5.00
Iamlamprey Found Keys$5.00
Wide Blue Sound ECLIPSE$74.00
Wide Blue Sound ELYSIUM$99.00
Wide Blue Sound ORBIT$99.00
Frontline Producer Americana Guitar Licks and Riffs$14.50
Frontline Producer Blues Keys$18.00
Frontline Producer Classical Piano$14.50
Frontline Producer Dirty Breaks$14.50
Frontline Producer Dubstep Metal Guitars$12.50
Frontline Producer Electric Blues - Rhythm & Lead Guitars$9.50
Frontline Producer Electric Fuzz Guitar$12.50
Frontline Producer Funk & Disco Guitars$18.00
Frontline Producer Funk & Soul Keys$14.50
Frontline Producer Funk Guitar - Chips 'n' Chops$12.50
Frontline Producer Funk Guitar - Chips & Chops 2$12.50
Frontline Producer Funk Rock Guitars$9.50
Mastering The Mix Never Get Stuck Again - eBook & Audio Book$20.00
Venomode Phrasebox$29.00
Caelum Audio Schlap$9.50
Caelum Audio Smoov$9.50
Baby Audio Crystalline$49.00
Audiority Big Goat$10.00
Audiority Blue Face$10.00
Audiority Deleight$22.50
Audiority Distortion 1 mkII$10.00
Audiority GrainSpace$22.50
Audiority Green Reaper GR9$10.00
Audiority Harmonic Maximizer$22.50
Audiority Heavy Pedal mkII$10.00
Audiority LDC2 Compander$22.50
Audiority Polaris$22.50
Audiority PolyComp$22.50
Audiority Pre X7$12.50
Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 4 Upgrade from Revoice Pro 3$99.00
XILS Lab LX122 Pro$39.00
Plugin Boutique Ambient: Zampler Expansion$5.00
Plugin Boutique Drum & Bass: Zampler Expansion$5.00
Plugin Boutique Dubstep: Zampler Expansion$5.00
Plugin Boutique Garage & Deep House: Zampler Expansion$5.00
Plugin Boutique Hip-Hop: Zampler Expansion$5.00
Plugin Boutique House FX & Stabs: Zampler Expansion$5.00
Plugin Boutique Trap: Zampler Expansion$5.00
Arturia FX Collection 3$218.90
Arturia Pigments 3$108.90
Arturia V Collection 9$328.90
Polyverse I Wish$49.00
Audio Damage Ratshack Reverb 3$9.50
United Plugins Autoformer$53.00
United Plugins Electrum$81.00
United Plugins Expanse 3D$53.00
United Plugins FireCharger$69.00
United Plugins FireCobra$64.00
United Plugins FireMaster$53.00
United Plugins FirePresser$53.00
United Plugins Front DAW$29.00
United Plugins MorphVerb$79.00
Wavelet Audio Senfine$69.00
Wavelet Audio Trailer Box$44.00
Diginoiz Hattricks$34.00
Diginoiz Subdivine$27.00
Diginoiz Subdivine Expansion: More About That Bass$9.00
Diginoiz Subdivine Expansion: More About That Bass 2$9.00
Diginoiz TrapDrive$11.00
Diginoiz Subdivine Expansion: More About That Bass 3$9.50
Tracktion BioTek 2$99.50
Tracktion Chop Suey$44.50
Tracktion Collective$30.00
Tracktion Dan Dean Essential Bass$49.50
Tracktion Dawesome Abyss$64.50
Tracktion Delta-V SpaceCraft$49.50
Tracktion F.’em$89.50
Tracktion Hyperion$64.50
Tracktion MOK Waverazor$79.00
Tracktion Novum$89.50
Loopmasters Acoustic Drum Workshop$9.50
Loopmasters Alien Robot Vox$12.50
Loopmasters Ambient Pulse$19.50
Loopmasters Ambient Waves$19.50
Loopmasters Andrew Weatherall & Nina Walsh WRF Lab Test$18.00
Loopmasters Anek - The Tech House Collection$14.50
Loopmasters Atalanta Chill Vol. 3$18.00
Loopmasters B2B Hybrid Vs Elektrik Blu$24.50
Loopmasters Bearcubs - Late Night Electronic$19.50
Loopmasters Biggabush - Afro Electro Dub$18.00
Loopmasters Breakage - Rolling Drum & Bass$18.00
Loopmasters Broken Beats The Definitive Drum Library$12.50
DopeSONIX Beat Machine 1 & 2 Bundle$67.00
DopeSONIX Beat Machine 1 + 2 Expansion Pack 01: The Knock$10.00
DopeSONIX Beat Machine 1 + 2 Expansion Pack 02: Live Elements$10.00
The Amazonic AMA I Composer Edition$99.00
Sampleson Melox Pro$10.00
Heavyocity AEON Collection$199.00
Heavyocity AEON Melodic$149.00
Heavyocity AEON Rhythmic$99.00
Heavyocity ASCEND: Modern Grand$74.50
Heavyocity BitRate II & Monoboy$24.50
Heavyocity C-Tools$29.50
Heavyocity Calc-U-Synth$14.50
Heavyocity DM-307$149.00
Heavyocity Ensemble Drums Collection$74.50
Krotos Concept 2$81.40
Krotos Dehumaniser 2$218.90
Krotos Dehumaniser Simple Monsters$53.90
Krotos Igniter$218.90
Krotos Igniter Full Tank$548.90
Krotos Krotos Sound Design Bundle$548.90
Krotos Krotos Sound Design Bundle 2$1,098.90
Krotos Reformer Pro$218.90
Krotos Weaponiser Basic$108.90
Krotos Weaponiser Fully Loaded$328.90
Krotos Krotos Everything Bundle 2$1,813.90
Black Salt Audio Escalator$42.90
Black Salt Audio Low Control$53.90
Black Salt Audio Oxygen$53.90
Keepforest AizerX - Classic Trailer Toolkit$99.00
Keepforest AizerX - Modern Designer Toolkit$99.00
Keepforest AizerX - Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit$99.00
Expressive E Imagine$69.00
Expressive E Noisy$74.00
Expressive E Expressive E Noisy + Imagine Bundle$144.00
Kilohearts Multipass$49.00
Kilohearts Phase Plant$99.00
Iceberg Audio 808 Box 1 (Expansion Pack for The Sub)$5.00
Iceberg Audio 808 Box 2 (Expansion Pack for The Sub)$5.00
Iceberg Audio 808 Box 3 (Expansion Pack for The Sub)$5.00
Iceberg Audio Analog Heat (Expansion Pack for The Sub)$5.00
Iceberg Audio Beatgrader$9.50
Iceberg Audio Elements (Expansion Pack for The Sub)$5.00
Iceberg Audio Fuzzy Waves (Expansion Pack for The Sub)$5.00
Iceberg Audio Nuclear Booms (Expansion Pack for The Sub)$5.00
Iceberg Audio The Sub$29.00
PROCESS.AUDIO Decibel$74.00
Dear Reality dearVR Mix$49.00
Wavesfactory BlackToms 2.0$29.00
Wavesfactory Body Percussion$29.00
Wavesfactory Boomwhackers$29.00
Wavesfactory Cassette$29.00
Wavesfactory Demonic Virtuoso$29.00
Wavesfactory Drum Circle$39.00
Wavesfactory Echo Cat$39.00
Wavesfactory Guzheng$29.00
Wavesfactory Harmonix$29.00
Wavesfactory Le Parisien$29.00
Wavesfactory Legacy Drums$29.00
MAAT DROffline$7.50
Niche Audio 2 Step Garage$14.50
Niche Audio Abstract DnB$14.50
Niche Audio Ambient Cinematics$14.50
Niche Audio Bass House$14.50
Niche Audio Bass House & Garage$14.50
Niche Audio Big Room Techno$14.50
Niche Audio Big Room Techno Wav Pack$9.50
Glitchmachines Cataract 2$39.50
RawCutz Boom Black Complete$49.50
RawCutz Boom Black Lite$5.00
RawCutz Hip Hop$7.50
RawCutz Nu Skillz$49.50
RawCutz Nu Skillz Lite$7.50
RawCutz Raw Cratez - Hip Hop Kits Volume 1$29.50
Harrison Consoles AVA Live$89.00
ujam AMBER$64.50
ujam Beatmaker Bundle 2$230.00
ujam CARBON$64.50
ujam Chillhop Bundle$109.50
ujam DANDY$64.50
ujam DEEP$49.50
ujam DOPE 2$34.50
ujam EDEN 2$34.50
ujam Finisher Bundle$149.50
Celemony Melodyne 5 Studio Upgrade from Melodyne Editor$149.00
denise Dragon Fire$42.00
denise My Crush$54.00
Audiority Omnisphere: Magnitude$17.00
Audiority Omnisphere: Magnitude II: Hybrid Impacts$17.00
Bogren Digital Jens Bogren Signature IR Pack: Downtuned$22.00
Bogren Digital Jens Bogren Signature IR Pack: Lead + Clean$22.00
Bogren Digital Jens Bogren Signature IR Pack: Rhythm$22.00
Bogren Digital Kristian Kohle IR Pack: Rainbows and Chainsaws$22.00
Bogren Digital Tue Madsen Signature Kemper Pack$22.00
Bogren Digital Tue Madsen Signature Kemper Pack 2$22.00
MeldaProduction MAmp$21.00
Wide Blue Sound ECLIPSE Expander: AETERNA$19.00
Wide Blue Sound ELYSIUM Expander: Pandora$19.00
Wide Blue Sound ELYSIUM Expander: Rhythmic Element$19.00
Wide Blue Sound ORBIT Expander: APEX$19.00
Kuassa Amplifikation Vermilion$20.90
Kuassa EVE-AT1$20.90
Venomode Complexer 2$23.00
Venomode DeeQ$17.00
Audio Damage 914 MK 2$19.00
Audio Damage Filterstation2$24.00
Audio Damage Grind$24.00
United Plugins DIFIX$24.00
United Plugins Hyperspace$76.00
United Plugins Electrum Core$24.00
BLEASS BLEASS Phase Mutant$19.00
Tracktion RetroMod 106$24.00
DopeSONIX Hype: Future Sounds$39.00
DopeSONIX Bass Engine 1$39.00
DopeSONIX Bass Engine 2$39.00
DopeSONIX Beat Machine 1$39.00
DopeSONIX Beat Machine 2$39.00
DopeSONIX DopeSONIX Crate Digger$39.00
DopeSONIX LoFi$39.00
DopeSONIX Soul Town$39.00
DopeSONIX Beat Machine 3$39.00
Black Salt Audio BSAClipper$26.40
Black Salt Audio TeloFi$26.40
MAAT DRMeter$17.00
Stagecraft EchoThief$22.00
denise Bass XL$14.00
denise Bite Harder$14.00
denise God Mode$24.00
denise Noize 2$19.00
denise Noize Retro$14.00
denise Perfect Plate$24.00
denise Punisher$14.00
denise Slappy$14.00
denise Sub Generator$14.00
denise The Sweeper$14.00
Venomode Lowtility 2$9.00
Venomode Maximal 3$29.00
Venomode Pivot$11.00
KV331 Audio SynthMaster 2$49.00
KV331 Audio SynthMaster One + SynthMaster 2 Bundle Upgrade from Player (Excluding SynthMaster Player FREE)$49.00
Krotos Simple Concept$13.20
Kuassa EVE-AT Bundle$33.00
KV331 Audio SynthMaster Everything Bundle Upgrade from SynthMaster 2$119.00
KV331 Audio SynthMaster Everything Bundle Upgrade from SynthMaster One$129.00
KV331 Audio SynthMaster One + SynthMaster 2 Bundle$59.00
KV331 Audio SynthMaster One Crossgrade from Player (Excluding SynthMaster Player FREE)$29.00
The Amazonic AMA I Percussion Bundle$69.00
The Amazonic AMA I Woodwinds Bundle$69.00
Keepforest Ferrum - Modern Trailer Percussion$139.00
Celemony Melodyne 5 Assistant Upgrade from Melodyne Essential$69.00
The Amazonic AMA I Producer Edition$59.00
Heavyocity NOVO Modern Strings$249.00
Keepforest Risenge Pro$159.00
Iceberg Audio Iceberg Sub Plugins Bundle$49.00
Applied Acoustics Systems Lounge Lizard EP-4$89.00
Applied Acoustics Systems String Studio VS-3$89.00
Applied Acoustics Systems String Studio VS-3 Upgrade from VS-1 or VS-2$35.00
Applied Acoustics Systems Strum GS-2$89.00
Applied Acoustics Systems Strum GS-2 Upgrade from Strum GS-1$35.00
Applied Acoustics Systems Ultra Analog VA-3$89.00
BLEASS BLEASS Innovation Bundle$44.00
KV331 Audio SynthMaster Everything Bundle$159.00
KV331 Audio SynthMaster Everything Bundle Upgrade from Player (Excluding SynthMaster Player FREE)$149.00
Heavyocity Gravity$199.00
Keepforest Evolution: Devastator$89.00
Antares ASPIRE$29.99
Antares PUNCH$29.99
Antares SYBIL$29.99
Mastering The Mix How Pros Make Hits - eBook$11.67
XILS Lab XILS DeeS$39.00
Kiive Audio ADC1 Compressor$55.99
Kiive Audio Xtressor$64.99
Harrison Consoles 32C Bus$39.00
Harrison Consoles 32C Channel$39.00
Initial Audio Dynamic Eq$29.00
Sonnox Mastering Plugin Bundle$424.60
Sonnox Broadcast Plugin Bundle - HD/HDX$526.90
Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ$29.00
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra$29.00
Karanyi Sounds Minipol Pro$29.00
Applied Acoustics Systems String Studio VS-3 + PACKS$139.00
Applied Acoustics Systems Objeq Delay$59.00
Kuassa EVE-MP5$27.50
Kiive Audio S-Quick Strip$14.99
Surreal Machines Modnetic$29.00
Antares Harmony Engine$125.00
Sonnox Broadcast Plugin Bundle$361.90
Sonnox Mastering Plugin Bundle - HD/HDX$567.60
Loopcloud Plugins DRUM Expansion: Bass Music Adrenaline$12.00
Loopcloud Plugins DRUM Expansion: Hip Hop and Trap Flow$12.00
Loopcloud Plugins DRUM Expansion: House and Techno Rush$12.00
Tone Empire Analog Power Bundle$99.00
Applied Acoustics Systems Strum GS-2 + PACKS$139.00
Keepforest Vikings Expansion: Metal Cinematic$49.00
MeldaProduction MAutoDynamicEQ$44.00
Sonokinetic Roots$16.00
XILS Lab XILS V+$64.00
XILS Lab XILS Vocoder 5000$64.00
XILS Lab XILS 505$64.00
KV331 Audio SynthMaster 2 Crossgrade from SynthMaster One$19.00
Pulsar Audio Pulsar 1178$64.90
Audiority Maliki$39.00
Audiority Omnisphere Trapsphere$16.00
Audiority Omnisphere: Relative Dimension$16.00
W. A. Production Ascension$19.96
W. A. Production Babylon$27.60
W. A. Production BIGGIFIER by Aden$16.00
W. A. Production Combustor$10.00
W. A. Production Dodge Pro$11.60
W. A. Production Fundamental Bass$15.96
W. A. Production HEAT 2$19.96
W. A. Production Heat by 22Bullets$15.96
W. A. Production Helper Equalizer 2$10.00
W. A. Production Helper Saturator 2$10.00
Photosounder spiral$39.00
Applied Acoustics Systems Session Bundle - Session Series Collection$39.00
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Applied Acoustics Systems Chromaphone 3 + PACKS$159.00
Sonokinetic Sordino Strings$39.00
Sonokinetic Trailer Voice$39.00
Sonokinetic Tutti$79.00
XILS Lab PolyKB III$59.00
KV331 Audio SynthMaster One Crossgrade from SynthMaster 2$9.00
Positive Grid Acoustic Expansion Pack (BIAS FX Expansion)$31.60
Positive Grid Bass Expansion Pack (BIAS FX Expansion)$31.00
Positive Grid BIAS Amp 2 Elite$119.60
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W. A. Production InstaSeries Bundle$94.80
Keepforest AizerX - Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit$119.00
Wavesfactory Wavesfactory Effects Bundle$178.00
Pulsar Audio Smasher$20.90
McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ HD v7$89.00
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Loopcloud Plugins PLAY$19.00
BeatSkillz SLAM2$19.00
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Pitch Innovations Fluid Chords$29.00
Pitch Innovations Fluid Pitch$29.00
Plugin Boutique Plugin Boutique Zampler Expansions Bundle (Exclusive)$15.00
Audio Damage ADverb2$15.00
Audio Damage Discord4$19.00
Audio Damage Kombinat Tri$19.00
The Amazonic AMA I Strings Bundle$19.00
Kiive Audio Distinct!$9.99
Celemony Melodyne 5 Assistant Update from older Melodyne Assistant$19.00
Loopcloud Plugins DRUM+ Bundle$49.00
Karanyi Sounds Collection 9 Pro$299.00
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ujam Full Bundle$699.00
Initial Audio Analog Pro$29.00
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The Amazonic AMA I Textures Bundle$29.00
Keepforest AizerX Bundle$379.00
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W. A. Production CHORDS PRO + NOTES$24.90
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KV331 Audio SynthMaster Everything Bundle Upgrade from SynthMaster 2 + SynthMaster One Bundle$109.00
CloudBounce CloudBounce (3-Month Subscription)$19.00
Karanyi Sounds Collection 9 Producer$69.00
Niche Audio House & Disco Collection$58.00
Plugin Boutique BigKick Expansion - Dusty S950 Kicks$5.00
Plugin Boutique BigKick Expansion - Hybrid Acoustic Kicks$5.00
Plugin Boutique BigKick Expansion - PsiFi Kicks$5.00
Plugin Boutique BigKick Expansion V1- Dubstep Kicks with Dodge & Fuski$5.00
Plugin Boutique BigKick Expansion V10 - Progressive House Kicks V2 with Kris O'Neil$5.10
Plugin Boutique BigKick Expansion V11 - House Kicks V2 with Full Intention$5.00
Plugin Boutique BigKick Expansion V12 - Progressive House Kicks V3 with Mark Mendes$5.00
Plugin Boutique BigKick Expansion V13 - Drum & Bass Kicks V2 with D Product$5.00
Plugin Boutique BigKick Expansion V14 - House Kicks V3 with Da Sunlounge$5.00
Plugin Boutique BigKick Expansion V15 - EDM V1 Kicks with Scott Diaz$5.00
Plugin Boutique BigKick Expansion V16 - Drum & Bass V3 Kicks with MachineCode$5.00
Plugin Boutique BigKick Expansion V2 - Trap Kicks with CAPSUN$5.00
W. A. Production CHORDS PRO$19.90
BLEASS BLEASS Omega Synth Bundle$32.00
RawCutz The Coffee Breaks Hip Hop Bundle$30.00
Sonnox Enhance Plugin Bundle$152.90
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XILS Lab KaoX$77.00
Celemony Melodyne 5 Studio Update from Melodyne Studio 4$49.00
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Sonnox Enhance Plugin Bundle - HD/HDX$244.20
McDSP Retro Pack Native v7$79.00
Audiority The Forge$59.00
Audified Linda RockStack$9.00
Audified ToneSpot Acoustic Express$9.00
Audified ToneSpot Bass Express$9.00
Audified ToneSpot Drum Express$9.00
XILS Lab XILS 4$59.00
Initial Audio Dynamic Delay$24.00
Plugin Boutique Presets Diva Expansions Bundle$12.00
Plugin Boutique Presets Plugin Boutique Presets Phase Plant Expansions Bundle$12.00
Pulsar Audio Echorec$31.90
Boz Digital Labs +10db Compressor$29.00
Boz Digital Labs +10db Equaliser$29.00
Boz Digital Labs Big Beautiful Door$29.00
Boz Digital Labs Panther Stereo Manipulation$29.00
Boz Digital Labs Sasquatch 2$29.00
Boz Digital Labs The Hoser$29.00
Boz Digital Labs The Wall$29.00
Tone Empire FireChild$29.00
W. A. Production CHORDS$14.90
Audified inTone 2$29.00
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Audified ToneSpot Bass Pro$29.00
Audified ToneSpot Drum Pro$29.00
Audified ToneSpot Electric Pro$29.00
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Have Audio Bansuri Bundle$16.50
Have Audio Cello Textures$13.50
Have Audio Cinematic Cymbals$13.50
Have Audio KANTELE$17.70
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Keepforest Evolution: Atlantica$59.00
Stagecraft Infinity Synth + Addiction Synth Bundle$40.00
ujam BRUTE$29.00
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McDSP Retro Pack HD v7$99.00
Photosounder Photosounder$29.00
Kiive Audio FilkChannel Strip$28.99
Kiive Audio Tape Face$22.99
BeatSkillz SampleX V3$19.00
Kuassa Kratos 2 Maximizer$20.90
Loopmasters Plugins Bass Master Expansion Pack: Analogue Bass$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins Bass Master Expansion Pack: Analogue House$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins Bass Master Expansion Pack: Bass and Trap$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins Bass Master Expansion Pack: Bass Disruption$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins Bass Master Expansion Pack: Bass House & Tech$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins Bass Master Expansion Pack: Bass Pick Up$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins Bass Master Expansion Pack: Cinematic Bass$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins Bass Master Expansion Pack: Dirty Analogue$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins Bass Master Expansion Pack: Drum & Bass Warfare$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins Bass Master Expansion Pack: Electrowave Bass$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins Bass Master Expansion Pack: Future Bass$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins Bass Master Expansion Pack: House Bass$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins KHORDS Expansion Pack: Ambient Textures$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins KHORDS Expansion Pack: Cloud Waves$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins KHORDS Expansion Pack: Cosmic Soul$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins KHORDS Expansion Pack: Dream Keys$5.00
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Loopmasters Plugins KHORDS Expansion Pack: Future Bass$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins KHORDS Expansion Pack: LoFi Keys$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins KHORDS Expansion Pack: Proxima Sinister Sounds$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins KHORDS Expansion Pack: Vintage House$5.00
Loopmasters Plugins KHORDS Expansion Pack: Cinematic Soundscapes$5.00
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Plugin Boutique Presets Diva Expansion Pack: Ambient Depths$5.00
Plugin Boutique Presets Diva Expansion Pack: Explorations$5.00
Plugin Boutique Presets Diva Expansion Pack: Lo-Fi Dreams$5.00
Plugin Boutique Presets Hive 2 Expansion Pack: Synthwave$5.00
Plugin Boutique Presets Phase Plant Expansion Pack: Drum & Bass Phenomenon$5.00
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Plugin Boutique Presets Serum Expansion Pack: Cinematic$5.00
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Plugin Boutique Presets Serum Expansion Pack: Deeper House$5.00
Plugin Boutique Presets Serum Expansion Pack: Light$5.00
Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: Casiology$5.00
Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: Dark Element$5.00
Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: Deep Space$5.00
Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: Digital Nostalgia$5.00
Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: FutureCZ$5.00
Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: Retro Electro$5.00
Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: Sub Tropics$5.00
Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: Sunshine State$5.00
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Cinematic Dimensions$5.00
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Complex Sequences$5.00
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Dark Horizon$5.00
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Deep Dub Tech$5.00
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Deep Revival$5.00
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Drop Zone$5.00
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Neon Synthwave$5.00
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Throwback$5.00
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Emissions$5.00
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Sublogic$5.00
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Twisted Evolution$5.00
Sonokinetic Sonokinetic Exclusive Bundle$109.00
CloudBounce CloudBounce (Annual Subscription)$59.00
Antares THROAT$29.99
Sonnox Claro$37.40
Sonnox Oxford Drum Gate$64.90
Initial Audio IA-LA1$19.00
Initial Audio Master Suite$49.00
Sonnox Oxford Inflator$42.90
Sonnox Oxford Inflator - HD/HDX$72.60
Sonnox Oxford Limiter V4$72.60
Sonnox Oxford Limiter V4 - HD/HDX$108.90
Tone Empire OptoRED$19.00
Tone Empire Loc-Ness 2$19.00
BeatSkillz Synthwave Drums V2$19.00
BeatSkillz Tekno Keyz$19.00
Audiority Massive Metal Synths$5.00
Iamlamprey Aetheric$5.00
Heavyocity PUNISH$49.00
Soundtoys Decapitator$49.00
Soundtoys EchoBoy$49.00
ujam Usynth Deluxe$19.00
Caelum Audio Black Friday Sample Pack Bundle (Exclusive)$23.00
W. A. Production InstaComposer$21.89
iZotope Nectar 3 Plus$59.00
Cherry Audio PSP Ultimate Modular Collection$149.00
W. A. Production All In One: InstaComposer Presets$27.39
W. A. Production InstaChord 2$19.90
KV331 Audio SynthMaster 2 Player$5.00
Harrison Consoles AVA Bass Flow$39.00
Harrison Consoles AVA Drum Flow$39.00
Harrison Consoles AVA Vocal Flow$39.00
Audiority Massive Dubstep$5.00
W. A. Production Ultimate MIDI Bundle 2$88.78
W. A. Production InstaChord 2 + Expansions$29.90
Initial Audio AR1 Reverb$19.00
Initial Audio Reverse$9.99
Initial Audio SlowMo$9.99
Boz Digital Labs Boz Digital Labs The Hoser XT And +10db Bundle$59.00
Boz Digital Labs Big Clipper$29.00
Boz Digital Labs Imperial Delay$29.00
Boz Digital Labs Manic Compressor$29.00
Tone Empire Reelight PRO$19.00
Tone Empire Model 5000$19.00
BeatSkillz Sequel 2$19.00
BeatSkillz Vinylistik$19.00
Karanyi Sounds Polyscape Pro$19.00
Soundtoys Crystallizer$29.00
Soundtoys FilterFreak$29.00
Keepforest Evolution: Dragon$29.00
iZotope Nectar 3 Plus Crossgrade from any paid-for iZotope product (including Exponential Audio)$49.00
Solid State Logic SSL Guitarstrip$39.99
Muze Electric Pianos$19.00
Muze Max Bundle$59.00
Muze Mello$19.00
Muze Neo Bundle$59.00
Initial Audio Boost X$15.00
W. A. Production Mystical Halloween Bundle$19.90
Karanyi Sounds Minipol$9.00
Karanyi Sounds Budapest Abstract Mallets$19.00
Karanyi Sounds Synthwave Collection$29.00
Keepforest Classic Metal Hits$5.00
Stagecraft Glitch Machine$10.00
Glitchmachines Biomorph$10.00
Glitchmachines Idiom$10.00
Glitchmachines Phoneme$10.00
Glitchmachines Metaphor$10.00
Glitchmachines Deflect$10.00
Glitchmachines Epistrophe$10.00
Glitchmachines Parabole$10.00
Glitchmachines Phenotype$10.00
Glitchmachines Cryogen$10.00
W. A. Production InstaSeries Bundle Crossgrade from any W.A Production 'Insta' Product$29.90
Kiive Audio Lunchbox Amp Sim$10.99
Glitchmachines Subvert$9.00
Strix Instruments EMISYNTH$14.99
Glitchmachines Quadrant$10.00
Muze Acoustic Pianos$19.00
Muze Aquamarine Complete$29.00
Muze Bass Elements$19.00
Muze Max & Neo Bundle$79.00
Iamlamprey Achromic$5.00
Iamlamprey Gloom$5.00
Iamlamprey Oracle 2$5.00
Iamlamprey PDQ Bass$5.00
W. A. Production InstaComposer & Expansions Bundle$32.89
W. A. Production Ultimate MIDI Bundle 2 (Upgrade from Any of the Included Plugins)$57.39
Glitchmachines Polygon 2$10.00
Glitchmachines Palindrome$10.00
Muze Effects$19.00
W. A. Production Screaming Halloween Bundle$24.90
Audified RecAll$9.00
Muze Gemini$9.00
W. A. Production Ultimate MIDI Bundle 2 (Upgrade from Ultimate MIDI Bundle)$45.89
Glitchmachines Fracture XT$5.00
Glitchmachines Convex$5.00
Glitchmachines Tactic$5.00
Harrison Consoles 32C-VIP$9.00
Harrison Consoles AVA De-Esser$9.00
Harrison Consoles AVA LegacyQ$9.00
Harrison Consoles AVA Multiband Compressor$9.00
Harrison Consoles AVA Spectral Compressor$9.00
Harrison Consoles AVA Mastering EQ$9.00
Solid State Logic SSL Native FlexVerb$29.99
Muze Dione$9.00
W. A. Production Screaming Halloween Bundle (Crossgrade from Screamo, Make Me Scream, Satyrus, Venom or Outlaw)$20.00
Glitchmachines Microsphere$5.00
Glitchmachines Syndrone$5.00
Glitchmachines Chimera$5.00
Glitchmachines Vimana$5.00
Solid State Logic Band Bundle$49.99
Strix Instruments PRIPYAT Pianos & EMISYNTH Bundle$24.99
Strix Instruments PRIPYAT Pianos$14.99
RawCutz Coffee Breaks Five$7.50
RawCutz Coffee Breaks Four$7.50
RawCutz Coffee Breaks Six$7.50
RawCutz Coffee Breaks Three$7.50
RawCutz Coffee Breaks Two$7.50
CloudBounce CloudBounce (Lifetime Plan)$99.00
Niche Audio Deep House Movement$14.50
Niche Audio Mainroom House$14.50
Niche Audio Nu Disco$14.50
Niche Audio Nu Tech$14.50
Boz Digital Labs The Hoser XT$39.00
Caelum Audio Dustbin
Future Audio Workshop SubLab XL Crossgrade from SubLab$20.00
Excite Audio Lifeline Console (Upgrade from Lifeline Console Lite)$15.00
Excite Audio Lifeline Expanse (Upgrade from Lifeline Expanse Lite)$15.00
Plugin Boutique StereoSavage 2 Upgrade from StereoSavage 2 Elements$19.00
Cherry Audio Stardust 201 Tape Echo (Crossgrade from Mercury-4)$10.00
dSONIQ Realphones Professional Pack Upgrade from Lite Pack$18.00
dSONIQ Realphones Ultimate Pack Upgrade from Professional Pack$48.00
Plugin Boutique Scaler 2 Upgrade from Scaler 1$9.00
Tracktion Novum Crossgrade from Dawesome Abyss$89.50
EVAbeat Melody Sauce 2 Upgrade From Melody Sauce 1$29.00
Glitchmachines Cataract 2 Upgrade from Version 1$15.00
CloudBounce CloudBounce Lifetime Plan upgrade from any version of CloudBounce or CloudBounce Mini$79.00
Syntorial - A New Way To Learn Synthesis
iZotope RX 10 Advanced$799.00
Audiority Heavy Pedal$52.00
Audiority The Bluesman$53.50
Audiority Green Reaper GR9$29.00
Audiority Octaver 82$54.50
Audiority Big Goat$73.45
Audiority The Shredder$74.75
Audiority Blue Face$58.00
Audiority The Overseer$58.00
Audiority Distortion 1 mkII$58.00
Audiority The Driver$49.00
Sampleson Electrix$59.00
Electronik Sound Lab Atmos 3 Max$59.00
Inphonik RX950$59.00
Electronik Sound Lab Creepy Piano 3$47.60
Electronik Sound Lab 808 Bass Module 5$59.50
dSONIQ Realphones Ultimate$89.00
ZAK Sound Orange Dreams$25.00
Venomode Pivot$55.00
Aria Sounds Silk Piano$60.00
Soundspear S1$60.00
ADSR Sounds MDrumEditing Bundle$60.00
UJAM Symphonic Elements Bundle$60.00
Audiomodern Instruments ATOM V2$60.00
Sonnox Oxford DeClicker$60.00
Sonnox Oxford DeBuzzer$60.00
Sonnox Oxford DeNoiser$60.00
UJAM Symphonic Elements BRAAASS$60.00
AudioThing miniBit$60.00
Krotos Simple Concept$62.50
Audiority Pre X7$62.50
MeldaProduction MPowerSynth$24.99
MeldaProduction MSpectralDynamics$29.00
MeldaProduction MTurboComp$29.90
Sonnox Oxford SuprEsser$49.00
UJAM Usynth Bundle$59.00
Gospel Musicians Neo-Soul Keys Studio 2$64.50
GForce Software Oberheim OB-E v2$64.50
Audiority Electric Matter$64.50
HAVE AUDIO Toys$64.50
Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ$64.50
HitメnメMix RipX: DeepCreate$64.50
BABY Audio All Plugins Bundle$64.50
Soundiron Sick 2$64.50
ZAK Sound Colorwoods Piano$89.00
Faded Instruments Litbit$99.00
Karanyi Sounds Wavesynth Pitch Black$39.99
W.A Production Software MultiBender$64.99
New Nation Software Tactures - Textured Drone Engine$64.99
Dark Silence Software Dark Tongue Drum LE$29.90
DJ SWIVEL All Plugins Bundle$70.00
Polyverse Infected Mushroom Plugin Bundle$65.57
Accentize Chameleon$33.50
Cherry Audio PSP Ultimate Modular Collection$19.90
NoiseAsh NEED Preamp and Eq Collection$59.00
Yum Audio Chef's Appetizers$69.00
GForce Software Oberheim - The Bundle$69.50
SirenFX Black Noise Generator$29.90
AudioCipher Technologies AudioCipher V2$72.00
AudioThing Latin Percussion$72.00
Cubic Audio Ascension$72.50
Initial Audio Boost X$79.00
Audio Blast Audio Blast Synths and Effects$69.00
W.A Production Software Fundamental Bass$99.00
W.A Production Software Satyrus$19.90
infinit essentials Sweet Spot VSTi$22.00
infinit essentials Sticky VSTI$29.00
MeldaProduction MDrummer$49.90
Inphonik RYM2612$74.50
Faded Instruments Spectral Disturbtion$74.50
HAVE AUDIO Shruti Box$74.50
Audiomodern Instruments Audiomodern Complete Suite$74.50
ZAK Sound Sierras Altas$89.00
Venomode DeeQ$89.00
MeldaProduction MTurboReverb$89.40
MeldaProduction MSoundFactory$99.00
Audified Peridot Pro$99.00
Sampleson Fire$99.00
Boz Digital Labs Pan Knob$49.90
Cherry Audio Polymode Synthesizer$9.99
Boz Digital Labs T-Bone 2$49.90
AudioThing Wave Box$49.90
Boz Digital Labs Gatey Watey$49.90
AudioThing Hats$49.90
AudioThing Valves$55.00
AudioThing Space Strip$15.40
CloudBounce CloudBounce MINI (Lifetime License)$77.00
Initial Audio IA-LA1$77.00
Cherry Audio Galactic Reverb$77.00
Evabeat Melody Sauce 2 Upgrade Offer$39.00
Initial Audio AR1 Reverb$78.00
Faded Instruments Blumen und Pflanzen$78.00
Limited Time Offer WA's Mutant Reverb Bundle$79.00
Limited Time Offer WA's Distortion Bundle$107.40
New Nation Software Reiya$59.00
Studio Trap Software Urban Heat$81.50
infinit essentials TrapSoul X$81.99
infinit essentials Oracle$119.00
Dark Silence Software Dark Grand Piano LE$84.50
Studio Trap Software Luna$85.00
Studio Trap Software StudioX$59.00
iZotope Ozone 10 Standard$89.00
iZotope Neutron 4$116.03
United Plugins Ultimate FireSonic Bundle$89.50
Arturia FX Collection 3$8.00
GForce Software M-Tron MkII$8.00
Soundyan Zanza & Kalimba$8.00
Limited Time Offer Thenatan Super Bundle$8.00
BRSYNTH Trap VST Bundle$8.00
Faded Instruments Harmonal Binaurics$90.50
CloudBounce CloudBounce + BounceCast Annual Plan$90.50
UJAM UJAM Chillhop Bundle$90.50
Limited Time Offer Sick Noise Collection$90.50
Audiority Tube Modulator$90.50
Audiority PolyComp$90.50
Audiority Polaris$90.50
Audiority XenoVerb$99.00
Audiority Harmonic Maximizer$14.00
Audiority Deleight$9.00
Audiority GrainSpace$9.00
Audiority Pyros$9.00
Audiority LDC2 Compander$9.00
Oblivion Sound Lab Hex Drum$9.00
Oblivion Sound Lab OSL Side Effects$9.00
Venomode Complexer 2$9.50
MeldaProduction MAmp$9.50
MeldaProduction MPhaserMB$7.96
MeldaProduction MRingModulatorMB$7.96
MeldaProduction MAutopanMB$15.99
MeldaProduction MReverb$15.99
MeldaProduction MVibratoMB$9.99
MeldaProduction MWaveShaperMB$9.99
MeldaProduction MDistortionMB$9.99
MeldaProduction MTremoloMB$9.99
W.A Production Software Venom$70.00
discoDSP DiscoDSP Bundle$139.00
Initial Audio Dynamic Delay$49.00
HAVE AUDIO NASTRO Soundscapes$59.70
New Nation Software Prodigious - Orchestral Engine$59.70
Dark Silence Software Dark Kalimba (Kontakt)$89.00
HitメnメMix RipX: DeepAudio$89.00
UJAM Hitmaker Bundle$89.00
AudioThing The Orb$89.00
SirenFX WindGen$89.00
SirenFX RainGen$99.00
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Building Blocks
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Sonuscore Ethnic Vocal Phrases$49.50
BFD Expansions: Decatom$27.00
Overloud TH-U Rig Library: Choptones Bogie RK6L6$29.00
GGD Brody Simpson Grooves MIDI Pack$12.50
Kuassa Efektor DS3603 Distortion$15.00
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Rob Papen eXplorer 8$374.00
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Soundtoys MicroShift$29.00
Leapwing Audio RootOne$119.00
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Audified TNT Voice Executor$29.00
Tracktion Abyss Expansion: Jovian Attack$25.00
UJAM Virtual Drummer DEEP$49.50
Celemony Melodyne 5 Assistant$239.00
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Accentize Matching Tools Bundle$199.00
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Tracktion BioTek 2 Expansion: Tropical House$25.00
Tracktion Novum Expansion: Lifeforms$25.00
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GGD Matt Halpern Grooves 2 MIDI Pack$12.50
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Zplane elastiqueAAX$226.82
Overloud TH-U Rig Library: Vintage Collection Vol 1$19.00
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GGD All The Gains Kemper Pack$30.00
KV331 Audio SynthMaster One Expansions Bundle$40.00
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Sonuscore Origins Vol 9: Ronroco & Bouzouki$41.40
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BFD Drums BFD3$49.99
Overloud TH-U Rig Library: BHS Sold$29.00
Tracktion Subtractive Expansion: Tech House$15.00
UJAM Finisher FLUXX$49.50
Overloud TH-U Rig Library: Choptones Syner Vai$29.00
Celemony Melodyne 5 Studio$699.00
Zplane Tonic$29.59
The Last Haven AIM$28.00
Sonuscore Origins Vol 5: Ukelele & Muted Piano$41.40
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Tracktion f.'em Expansion: VCFM$25.00
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AVID Media Composer 1-Year Subscription$191.00
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Audified ToneSpot Voice Pro$29.00
GGD One Kit Wonder: Aggressive Rock$39.00
Kuassa Kratos 2 Maximizer$19.00
Zplane PPMulator+$59.92
Sonuscore Origins Vol 8: Fado Guitar & Cavaquinho$41.40
Overloud TH-U Rig Library: Choptones Egna Tweak$19.00
Overloud TH-U Rig Library: Choptones Angel Infernus$29.00
GGD Federico Paulovic Grooves MIDI Pack$12.50
Overloud TH-U Rig Library: British Classics$19.00
KV331 Audio Synthmaster One & Synthmaster 2 Bundle$129.00
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Tracktion Retromod Bundle$74.50
AVID Pro Tools Studio 1-Year Updates & Support$249.00
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Pitch Innovations Fluid Chords$29.00
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Overloud TH-U Rig Library: BHS Goddess$19.00
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UJAM Virtual Bassist ROWDY 2$64.50
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Mastering The Mix BASSROOM$43.00
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Zplane reTune$113.03
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Audified AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials$49.00
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Plug and Mix Distorted$9.99
Plug and Mix Digital Reverb$9.99
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DiscoDSP Discovery$47.40
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Sonuscore Origins Bundle Vol. 1-5$124.50
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Audio Modeling SWAM Solo Brass Bundle$420.00
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MIA Laboratories MIA Compressor One$19.00
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Glitchedtones Glitches$9.00
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Mastering The Mix LEVELS$29.00
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Glitchedtones Scare Tactics$9.00
EastWest Silk$119.60
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Sonnox Oxford Inflator, Drum Gate & Toolbox Claro Bundle$104.00
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Mastering The Mix MIXROOM$43.00
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Robin Leijon The Falcon$29.00
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XILS Lab DeeS$29.00
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XILS Lab PolyKB III & II$49.00
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Sonnox Oxford Inflator & Toolbox Claro Bundle$62.00
Nomad Factory AS - Gate Expander$9.99
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Musical Sampling Soaring Strings$129.00
Plug and Mix Octaplexer$9.99
Boz Digital Labs Big Beautiful Door$29.00
Glitchedtones Paranormal$9.00
Toontrack EZmix Pack: Forrester Savell$27.00
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Nomad Factory AS - Preamp$9.99
Nomad Factory E Gate Expander$9.99
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AAS Sound Packs: Transparency$19.00
Toontrack EZX: UK Pop$53.00
Audiomodern ModulARPS 2$13.65
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Nomad Factory ASP Studio Channel SC-226$29.00
Audio Modeling SWAM Trumpets$175.00
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Plug and Mix Screamer$9.99
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Mastering The Mix REFERENCE 2$43.00
Pulsar Audio Massive$89.00
AAS Sound Packs: Modular City$19.00
Toontrack EZX: Custom Shop$53.00
Toontrack EZmix Pack: Compression and Saturation$27.00
Metric Halo Multiband Dynamics$69.00
Krotos Dehumaniser 2$199.00
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Soundtoys EchoBoy$49.00
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EastWest Stormdrum 3$119.60
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Plug and Mix British Tone$9.99
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EastWest Fab Four$119.60
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XILS Lab Chor'X$29.00
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Plug and Mix Analoger$9.99
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Soundtoys Radiator$29.00
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EastWest Goliath$119.60
Plug and Mix Clarisonix$9.99
Sonuscore Ethnic String Phrases: Esraj & Erhu$49.50
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MIA Laboratories 358 Enhancer MKII$19.00
AAS Sound Packs: Angelicals$19.00
Plug and Mix Granulizer$9.99
Glitchedtones Fright Night Darksynth for Serum & Cthulhu$9.00
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Nomad Factory Liquid Phase II$9.99
Plug and Mix Pitch Me$9.99
Toontrack EZKeys Upright Piano$97.00
Musical Sampling Trailer Bundle$249.00
EastWest Ghostwriter$119.60
Plug and Mix Loudbass$9.99
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BBE Sound Stomp Board$29.00
Nomad Factory 80's Spaces V2$29.00
Krotos Igniter Full Tank$499.00
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Toontrack EZKeys Pipe Organ$97.00
Sampleson Glassy$19.00
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Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Analog TrackBox$29.00
MIA Laboratories 590 Dynamic EQ$49.00
Sonnox Oxford Broadcast Collection$323.00
Toontrack EZmix Pack: Metal Guitar Gods 3$27.00
Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec$200.00
Toontrack EZKeys String Machine$97.00
MeldaProduction MTurboAmp$60.00
Harrison 32C Vocal Intensity Processor$9.00
Audionamix XTRAX STEMS (1-Year Subscription)$45.00
GForce M-Tron MKII$199.99
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Nomad Factory ASP Limiting Amplifier LM-662$29.00
Sonnox Oxford Restore Collection$267.00
Toontrack EZX: Rock!$53.00
Glitchedtones Chillout Waves$9.00
Glitchedtones Outer Ambience - Serum Pads x Cthulhu Chords$9.00
AAS Sound Packs: Ultra FX$19.00
Toontrack EZX: The Blues$53.00
Toontrack EZmix Pack: Jazz & Fusion Guitars$27.00
Toontrack EZmix Pack: Ambient Reverbs$27.00
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United Plugins FireCobra$65.00
Musical Sampling Adventure Bundle$249.00
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Plug and Mix Echoflex$9.99
Metric Halo TransientControl$69.00
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Glitchedtones LoFi Dreamvibes$9.00
AAS Sound Packs: Octagon$19.00
Boz Digital Labs +10dB Equalizer$29.00
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EastWest RA$119.60
AAS Sound Packs: Starlight$19.00
Sonuscore Ethnic Flute Phrases$49.50
EastWest Pianos Platinum Edition$159.60
iZotope Mix & Master Bundle Advanced$349.00
AAS Sound Packs: String Theory$19.00
Toontrack EZX: Vintage Rock$53.00
Sonnox Oxford Inflator & Limiter Bundle$89.00
Plug and Mix Moogy Filter$9.99
iZotope RX10 Standard$299.00
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Nomad Factory E Graphic EQ$9.99
AAS Sound Packs: Latin Vibes 2$19.00
Harrison AVA Multiband Compressor$9.00
Sonnox Oxford Inflator, Drum Gate, Limiter & Toolbox Claro Bundle$146.00
United Plugins DIFIX$26.50
Toontrack EZmix Pack: Lo-Fi$27.00
MeldaProduction MFreeformAnalogEQ$29.50
iZotope Everything Bundle$1,249.00
Reveal Sound Spire$94.00
Toontrack EZmix Pack: Indie Guitars$27.00
MeldaProduction MEqualizerLP$60.00
Toontrack EZmix Pack: Andy Sneap$27.00
AAS Sound Packs: Analog Orchestra$19.00
AAS Sound Packs: KitNetix$19.00
Sampleson Reed200 V2$45.00
Audio Modeling SWAM Trombones$175.00
XILS Lab Analog Vocoders Bundle$79.00
EastWest ProDrummer Vol 1 & Vol 2 Bundle$119.60
Sonnox Oxford Mastering Collection$374.00
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Baby Audio I Heart NY 2$39.00
Plug and Mix Talking Tone$9.99
Toontrack EZmix Pack: Mastering II$27.00
EastWest Voices of the Empire$119.60
IrcamLAB TS2$49.00
Plug and Mix Tube Exciter$19.99
Nomad Factory Analog Mastering Tools$29.00
Audiomodern ModulARPS$13.65
DiscoDSP OB-Xd$29.40
Toontrack SDX: Roots - Sticks$107.00
Sonnox Oxford Elite Collection$441.00
Plug and Mix California Tone$9.99
Toontrack EZmix Pack: Heavy Metal Guitars$27.00
Plug and Mix Classic Phaser$9.99
MIA Laboratories 980 Spark$19.00
Audiomodern Opacity II$76.05
Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Limiter FA770$19.00
Nomad Factory Liquid Gate II$9.99
Glitchedtones Dreamstates$9.00
Metric Halo ChannelStrip 3$79.00
Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Compressor CP2S$19.00
Toontrack EZKeys Vintage Upright$97.00
Toontrack EZX: Kicks and Snares$53.00
Audiomodern ChordJam$38.35
Audiomodern Opacity$76.05
MeldaProduction MRingModulatorMB$23.50
DiscoDSP Vertigo$47.40
Nomad Factory E TubeTape Warmer$9.99
Toontrack EZKeys Classic Electrics$97.00
MeldaProduction MBitFunMB$29.50
MeldaProduction MUnison$60.00
MIA Laboratories Musiqual Red MKII$9.99
Sonnox Oxford Inflator & Drum Gate Bundle$82.00
Toontrack SDX: New York Studios Vol 3$107.00
Toontrack SDX: New York Studios Vol 1$107.00
Plug and Mix American Tweed$9.99
Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor$29.00
Musical Sampling Soaring Adventure Bundle$249.00
Toontrack EZmix Pack: Metal Guitar Gods 4$27.00
Krotos Sound Design Bundle 2$998.00
Toontrack SDX: The Progressive Foundry$107.00
Sonnox Oxford Reverb$159.00
Toontrack EZX: Drumkit from Hell$53.00
AAS Sound Packs: Abstractions$19.00
MeldaProduction MSpectralDynamics LE$60.50
MeldaProduction MVibratoMB$23.50
Metric Halo Multiband Expander$69.00
AAS Sound Packs: Insomnia$19.00
Toontrack EZmix Pack: Neil Dorfsman$27.00
EastWest Voices of Opera$119.60
XILS Lab LX122 Premium$29.00
Musical Sampling Adventure Strings$129.00
Toontrack EZX: Traditional Country$53.00
Harrison AVA De-Esser$9.00
Toontrack EZmix Pack: Ambient$27.00
Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Stereo Imager ST2S$19.00
GForce M-Tron Pro Complete$269.99
AAS Sound Packs: Multiverse$19.00
Audiomodern Biologic$13.65
Glitchedtones Nightlight Synthwave$9.00
MeldaProduction MReverb$24.00
Toontrack EZX: Indie Folk$53.00
Audiomodern Riffer$38.35
United Plugins Transmutator$34.50
AAS Sound Packs: Transmutation$19.00
United Plugins FirePresser$48.00
iZotope Music Production Suite 5 Universal Edition$499.00
AAS Sound Packs: Power Chords$19.00
Sonnox Oxford Inflator, Drum Gate & Limiter Bundle$130.00
Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Brickwall BW2S$19.00
Toontrack EZX: Death Metal$53.00
MIA Laboratories 925 Compressor MKII$29.00
Sonuscore Medieval Phrases: Lute & Theorbo$49.50
Sonnox Toolbox VoxDoubler$47.00
Audiomodern Morph$13.65
AAS Sound Packs: Tabby Dance$19.00
Toontrack EZX: Dream Pop$53.00
United Plugins Verbum Entropic Hall$59.50
Nomad Factory Drum Tools$29.00
Toontrack EZmix Pack: Metal$27.00
EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition Diamond$398.00
Audiomodern Shift$13.65
Plug and Mix Multi-Tap Delay$9.99
Pulsar Audio Smasher$19.00
Toontrack EZmix Pack: Guitar Tone Palette$27.00
MeldaProduction MFlangerMB$29.50
Toontrack SDX: Roots - Brushes, Rods & Mallets$107.00
EastWest Pianos Yamaha C7 Platinum Edition$79.60
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MeldaProduction MUltraMaximizer$29.50
Hit'n'Mix RipX DeepCreate$139.30
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Plug and Mix Classic Flanger$9.99
Boz Digital Labs The Hoser$29.00
Toontrack EZX: Americana$53.00
Toontrack SDX: The Metal Foundry$107.00
Krotos Weaponiser Fully Loaded$299.00
Harrison 32C Channel$39.00
Audio Modeling SWAM All In Bundle$980.00
MeldaProduction MDelayMB$29.50
Krotos Simple Concept$12.00
UJAM Virtual Drummer HOT$69.00
Sonible true:level$49.00
Nomad Factory Cosmos$29.00
XILS Lab PolyM$49.00
iZotope RX10 Elements$99.00
Toontrack EZmix Pack: JamTrack Amps$27.00
United Plugins Autoformer$48.00
MeldaProduction MGranularMB$29.50
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Audio Modeling SWAM Solo Strings Bundle V3$252.00
Audio Modeling Camelot 2.0$99.00
Boz Digital Labs EQ Collection$54.00
iZotope Ozone 10 Standard$199.00
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Toontrack EZX: Alt-Rock$53.00
Audiomodern Shift 3$13.65
Plug and Mix OptoMax$19.99
Glitchedtones LoFi Chill$9.00
Krotos Concept 2$74.00
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AAS Sound Packs: Cinematix$19.00
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MIA Laboratories 413 Tape Saturator$29.00
Toontrack EZX: Number 1 Hits$53.00
Nomad Factory AS - State EQ$9.99
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EastWest ProDrummer Vol 1$79.60
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Audio Modeling SWAM Saxophones V3$175.00
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Musical Sampling Trailer Brass$129.00
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EastWest Hollywood Choirs Diamond Edition$199.60
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Mastering The Mix RESO$43.00
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Musical Sampling Adventure Brass