Get T-De-Esser Pro by Techivation for 30% Off!

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T-De-Esser Pro by Techivation isn’t only a tool for fixing audio; it’s also a creative tool for improving sound quality and giving your music a distinctive personality. It’s an enhanced version of the free T-De-Esser, and T-De-Esser Plus, which includes tools to assist you in making your sound not just good but perfect!

  • Create and add a unique character for your sounds
  • Make your vocal tracks sound bright without any harshness
  • Glue your backing vocals together in a mix 
  • Create more depth in your mix by controlling the top end of your tracks
  • Prepare a more balanced mix for the audio mastering process by smoothing the high frequency sounds
  • Control loud sibilant consonants, i.e., “s”, “z”, “ch”, “j”, soft “c”, and “sh”, in voice recordings or instrument tracking
  • Make your reverbs blend in more nicely in the context of your mix
  • Warm up your drum tracks without sacrificing the overall punch
  • Clear muddiness, boominess, and proximity effects


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